The luxurious “bonuses” of Greek villas

Summer vacation is something that pretty much everyone in the world is waiting for. It’s the time when we all get to relax and unwind and forget about our problems, our jobs and the troubles of everyday life. It goes without saying that a summer vacation should be as relaxing and as memorable as possible, which is why more and more people every year are opting for a new type of vacationing: luxury vacations. Instead of spending their vacation time exploring landscapes and relaxing on beaches, they prefer to spend it in a luxurious villa, living like millionaires.

Greece is a very popular destination with people who would like to spend their summer in as much luxury as possible and the reason for that is rather simple: the country is home to many unique and ridiculously villas. In fact, many Greek villas have been designed and furnished by famous architects and designers, making them extremely sought after by luxury holiday makers. There are plenty of property management agencies that offer villa rentals such as where you can find luxurious villas for rent so you can spend your holidays in opulence and comfort.

When we are talking about living in luxury though, a villa definitely helps but it’s not everything. In other words, luxury is an experience and it shouldn’t stop at renting a villa. Here are some nice “bonuses” that will your stay there truly memorable and the ultimate relaxing experience. Let’s see what they are!

Butler service

Many luxury villas and other properties for rent actually come with their own butlers and maids. Nothing says living the good life more than having a professional butler at your service. Those butlers are not there just to clean up after you though; they will provide you with information regarding the place you are staying in as well as the property and its features and amenities. They might even help you organize a party or an event in the property you will be renting. Their help will be valuable and their presence will make you feel like a millionaire.

Professional chefs

Good food is also a sign of luxury and when you are vacationing in a villa, you may even get the chance to enjoy gourmet meals on a daily basis. Many villas for rent actually come with professional chefs that are staying in them throughout the duration of the summer so that they will always be at the client’s disposal. Those chefs will prepare delicious gourmet meals for you and any guests that you may have and they will also cook you anything that your heart desires. If you are looking for a unique culinary and vacation experience, then a villa with a chef is a must.

VIP rides and chauffeurs

Since most villas are located outside most large towns and villages, it goes without saying that you are going to need a car in order to get around when you will want to leave the property. Some villas come with luxury cars and chauffeurs, which means that you can get to travel in the most stylish and luxurious way possible. Furthermore, the chauffeur can even pick you up from the port or airport, ensuring that you will get to the villa in style!

What is a luxury vacation and why is Greece such a popular luxury destination?

When it comes to summer vacation, a lot of people seem to be a bit “traditional”, which means that they prefer going to a place where they can relax, enjoy the sun and the sea and take in the beautiful scenery and other sights. This is to be expected of course since a summer vacation is time spent away from work and the fast lifestyle of big cities, which is why people want to spend this valuable time as far removed from those sources of stress as possible. This is what counts as a “traditional vacation” and Greece has always been a popular destination for “traditional” vacationers. However, as time goes on values and tastes change.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people that simply don’t settle with spending a few days by the sea as far as their vacation is concerned. They are looking for something else, something more than relaxation. They are looking for luxury. Believe it or not, Greece is a popular destination with so called “luxury tourists” as well. What is luxury tourism though and why is Greece so popular with those tourists?

A new way to spend a summer vacation

A luxury vacation, as you can probably tell, is all about luxury. It’s all about spending your time away from work as luxuriously and as memorably as possible. It’s about staying in lush villas and five-star hotels and spoiling yourself as a reward for a year’s worth of hard work. Up until a few years ago it was thought that luxury vacations where the privilege of the rich and the famous, but not things have changed. People are willing to save money in order to spend at least one vacation in their lives living like royalty and millionaires. A luxury vacation is a once in a lifetime experience that thousands of people each year choose to partake in.

Why is Greece so popular with luxury tourists?

Greece is known for its natural beauty and gorgeous beaches, so it already has a leg up on its competition, however that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What you may not know, is that Greece is home to some of the most ridiculously luxurious villas in Europe. Those villas are available for rent to anyone, not just celebrities. As long as you can afford the rates, you can rent an amazing Greek villa. In other words, Greece provides the perfect combination of a beautiful setting and luxurious accommodation.